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Work in Progress: Ray and the Rocket

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Handmade Abstract Sculptures

At the heart of everything I do at Bright Stem are my sculptures. The origins of the sculpture go right back to some of the earliest drawings I did as a child. They have a central role in my creative process meaning most projects lead from them or back to them in some way. To find out more about them go to my blog or have a look through the ones that are currently for sale.

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Working Across Disciplines

"Bright Stem was set up to create an environment in which I can naturally function within. Where different things can come into contact with one another allowing ideas to develop across multiple disciplines. It's also somewhere for me to present these different projects alongside one another. Allowing the public to see the connections made between them." 

Andrew Wood

Artist/Designer and Founder of Bright Stem

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What makes this wrapping paper so important?

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Emerald Skies: Experimental Abstract Video Inspired by Gift Wrap Pattern

The Red Space Rocket

The project came about through a period of creative experimentation. It began with my pop out baubles and tags which inspired me to make a pop out sculpture. In turn, this led to the design of a small pop out model rocket and later a 15ft high piece of public art.

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"Bright Stem is a multidisciplinary, ethical, creative business."

Kickstarter Campaign - Ethical Products From A New Creative Business

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"Such a beautiful product. I bought 10 sheets for my tree so it is full to the brim with these baubles and lights. Well done for coming up with the product. I will keep a look out for further creations from your company."

Mary Martin

"I absolutely love this wrapping paper book by Bright Stem  It’s really pretty, and super useful for someone like me who is travelling loads over the holidays (often to places where I can’t bring wrapped presents in my bags)!"

Hilary Wynne

Made with Love

When I started Bright Stem I was already running another small family business called Badger Designs and Prints where I created handmade fabric sew on badges. So it was natural for one of the first products to be a set of badges. Because of this I know from first hand experience the skill, time and effort involved with making a quality product. So from the outset the ethics of how things where made where important to me. I wanted to make sure that other people who made Bright Stem products would also be paid a fair wage and have good working conditions.

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