For me ethics isn’t about being a perfect super human. It’s just about making small changes that can add up to make a big difference. Making the world a little bit better one step at a time. To ensure Bright Stem products make a positive impact on our world I:
  • Use factories based as close to my customers as possible so most products are made in England or Northern Ireland with the only exception being the mugs which are made in Germany. This results shorter delivery distances meaning less fossil fuels being used and ensures a focus is kept on the protection of workers writes.
  • Ensure products are packed in recyclable cardboard packaging to eliminate the need for plastic.
  • Ensure sustainable materials and manufacturing process are used to create the products. For example the Kitchenware range where printed with water based inks on unbleached organic cotton at a factory powered by solar energy. Whilst the greeting cards are printed with vegetable based inks on a carbon neutral press.
You'll find more information on how, where and with what materials the products where made in the individual product pages.