bright stem

Bright Stem Gift Wrapping Paper Folded (6) Sheets and Tags Geometric Patterns Mixed Pack

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These 6 sheets of geometric wrapping paper have been designed by myself (Andrew Wood). They have been printed on one side of 100% recycled paper measuring 50cm x 70cm and have been folded to lower postage costs. They come with 2 sheets of pop out tags. Each sheet has 6 unique tags in terms of there shape, size and design. Which means there's 12 tags in total.

  • 6 unique sheets of wrapping paper (£1.24 per sheet)
  • 2 sheets of unique pop out tags 12 tags in total (£1.24 per sheet)
  • Direct from the Artist/Designer
  • 2nd Edition 1/2000
  • Thread NOT included
  • Made in the UK on 100% recycled paper
  • Packed in cardboard sleave

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