Abstract Sculpture S3.2 Handmade Cardboard Slot Design

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Product Description:

Abstract Sculpture that was designed on the computer then cut out by hand from the back of a used hard back envelope (see time-lapse video bellow). The Sculpture is small enough to be held in the hand. I like to re use discarded material (card, paper, wood etc) in the production of my sculptures. Both as a form of recycling but also as a way of showing people that even the most unloved object can be given new life.

This is an Artists Proof which for my purposes just means that I haven't yet decided if this will be put into production or made into a limited edition range. Artists proof are usually limited to 30 but aren't numbered.


About the Artwork/Design:

This is one of a series of abstract sculptures I have entitled S which stands for ship, seed and small sculpture. This series of sculptures has a central role in my creative process meaning most projects lead back to it in some way. Inspired by everything from pebbles to spaceships to my dads sailing dinghies. The origins of the sculpture go right back to some of the earliest drawings I did as a child.

To learn more about the role this range of sculptures has had on my creative development please read my blog post: Abstract Sculpture S Series - My Interdisciplinary Totem